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Have You Written Great Handouts, Forms, Or an E-book?

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Skip The Headaches of Branding and Marketing

Any dietitian who has thought about offering their written work for sale will say that the biggest headache they run into is getting their offering in front of the right buyers. And this is a shame since so many RD/RDN’s have written materials that absolutely rock!

Earn Passive Income

NutriScape.NET offers Dietitians the opportunity to earn 50% of the revenue earned for handouts, forms, and e-books they submit.

This might be a good fit for you if…

You’re an Expert

Maybe you’re an expert who’s highly experienced and passionate about teaching. If you have taught the same detailed information for a long time, chances are that you’ve perfected your writings to a level where they’d be ready to submit without a second thought.

You Want to Deeply Study a Niche Topic

We’re not sure who first said, “If you want to really understand a topic, teach it.” This is so true. During times of transition from one area of dietetics to another, intense studying may be required. Why not produce a downloadable e-book, diet reference material, or and/or materials that can continue to generate passive income over time.

You’re Already Producing Teaching Materials

If you have written for your facilities and local activities over the years, it may be almost effortless to tweak these materials for the NutriScape audiences.

But first–you will want to be careful that your employer will not object to your repurposing ideas that you may have produced as an employee or contractor. This permission is necessary because an employer legally owns the all intellectual property produced by employees while on the job. However, this is rarely an issue due to the non-proprietary nature of most of our teaching methods as dietitians.

You want to Avoid Hosting Costs and Marketing Headaches

Our staff takes care of the logistics of getting your download maximal exposure with your target audience. As our content builds and becomes known, search engines like Google will bring increasing traffic from the exact consumers or RD/RDN readers your downloadable resource is written for.

NutriScape takes care of the technical end of uploading your handout to the server and covers all hosting costs. We use the DPD download platform which automatically processes your payouts. Your downloadable product will show up right alongside related articles in the relevant category.

Take Advantage of NutriScape Branding

Marketers will often say that consumers need to see a brand about 7 times before they buy. They say consumers need to be “nurtured”. In other words, a consumer will not buy unless they 1. Know your brand, 2. Like your brand, and 3. Trust your brand.

Not only is branding is ultimately very important for driving sales, it is also important to maintaining a consistent professional look across the NutriScape site. For this reason, we apply NutriScape’s standard fonts, color, heading structure, and logo to your submission. This means, you can focus on the informational content in your submission and leave the formatting to us.

You Can Continue to Promote Your Publications On Other Sites

You retain full copyright ownership of your underlying work. NutriScape encourages you to participate in other online sales platforms and get all the income you can from your works. Simply apply your own branding to your materials and promote them wherever you like. Fellow RD Entrepreneur, Megan Boitano, has built an excellent site at –Check it out!

Endless Possibilities for Nutrition Downloads

Possibilities for food and nutrition downloads are endless. Not only are there are a broad range of different consumer and dietitian interests, but materials may be needed to meet the needs of readers seeking different levels of detail and alternative perspectives. Some materials are very niche, and some may be very broad.

Audiences for NutriScape Downloads

Whatever audience you are writing for, you will be able to have your resource placed prominently within the NutriScape.NET or RDNutriScape.NET content for that category where user traffic will be able to discover your work.

Downloads for Consumers

Cooking -Cardiovascular -Weight Management -GI -AntiInflammatory

Life Stages -Adult -Babies -Elderly -Kids -Menopause -Pregnancy & Preconception -Teens -Toddlers & Preschoolers

Medical Conditions -Allergy -Anemia -Bone & Joint Health –Arthritis -Cancer –Cancer Prevention –Cancer Treatment -Diabetes –Gestational Diabetes –Pre-Diabetes –Type 1 Diabetes — Type Diabetes -Digestive Problems –Constipation –Crohn’s and Colitis –Diarrhea –GERD Reflux –Gluten Related GI Problems —Celiac Disease —Gluten Intolerance –Irritable Bowel Syndrome IBS –Lactose Intolerance –Malabsorption –Pancreatitis –Swallowing –Vomiting -Eating Disorders –Anorexia –Binge Eating Disorder –Bulimia -Headache -Heart Health –Cholesterol –Heart Disease –High Blood Pressure –Stroke -Kidney Health –Dialysis –Early Kidney Failure –Kidney Failure –Kidney Stones -Liver Disease -Low Blood Sugar -Microbiota -Nutrition Support –Intravenous Feeding –Tube Feeding -Pain -PCOS -Surgery and Healing -Weight Management –Bariatric Surgery –Excess Weight

Nutrients & Foods -Alcohol -Cannabis -Carbohydrate –Sugar -Diets –Vegetarian -Fat -Fiber -Hydration -Minerals -Protein -Recipes -Sodium -Supplements -Vitamins -Dental -Mental Health -Microbiome -Physical Activity -Sleep  

Downloads for Nutrition Professionals

Again, Megan Boitano’s site at is a great solution to anyone marketing materials for the RD/RDN audience. RD2RD currently has higher levels of traffic and some other advantages. With that said, why not submit your forms and tools to be offered on both platforms.

Career Resources -Counseling Resources -Clinical Tools & Guidelines -Dietary Supplements –Nutrient Physiology -Medications and Nutrition Care -Mental Health Nutrition -Nutrition Research Studies -Policy & Regulatory Issues

Medical Conditions -Allergy -Anemia -Cancer -Cardiovascular -Diabetes -Eating Disorders -GI Conditions -Nutrient Deficiencies -Pediatric Conditions -Renal -Sports & Physical Activity -Weight Management -Wounds & Surgery

Practice Settings -Authors -Clinical -Consulting -Corporate Wellness -Counseling -Foodservice -LTC & Rehab -Nutrition Office –New Business Issues -Public Health -Students and Interns

Download Submission & Review Process

Just submit your professional tools &forms, consumer handouts, e-books, and diet references to Downloads@NutriScape.NET. We’ll post it to the peer-review site to get some feedback from our community, and create a shop to handle the automatic downloads and payments to your paypal account, and create posts to display your offering alongside related articles on the NutriScape.NET or RDNutriScape.NET site.